Pete Barter

Pete Michael Barter, born in South Australia on September 9th, 1980.

At the ripe old age of two, Pete jumped on his first drum kit and he has been hooked ever since. With the encouragement of his parents, Mick and Elaine, Pete’s passion for music and engaging audiences was cultivated into a deep appreciation for inspirational coaching that would follow him for the rest of his life. Paired with his entrepreneurial spirit, Pete has managed to fuse his love for business and the arts into a successful career creating and performing music. Pete has gone on to found and become the CEO of ETI_Education Through Inspiration, a company that has fostered and inspired thousands of children and adults alike to take their love of music or any craft actually, and make it a lifelong passion with purpose.

Early Upbringing

Pete’s parents were not unlike most in that they wanted to see their children involved with music as part of their formative years. Pete’s father was a experimental musician himself, so that the first 10 years of Pete’s life were spent being surrounded by a subliminal learning experience that created a foundation for his enduring musical passions.

Business has also played a prominent role in Pete’s early years as he worked hard at creating business and sales ideas before he was even 10! Thanks to his father’s company resources, Pete was able to create his first business idea and profited from using his creative skills by utilising the home computer and printer (both scarce commodities in 1990). Born out of this entrepreneurial spirit the business, Custom Everythings, was created. Pete printed business cards for his father’s associates and even sold products to his school teachers.

A year later, Pete received his first drum kit that his father had found at a local garage sale. Not only did this give Pete a creative outlet, but also helped to harness and focus a then energetic 11 year old. After countless hours of hashing it out on his own, Pete’s parents started him on the path of his formal music education by enlisting a drum instructor. After about 6 years of consecutive weekly lessons, Pete continued his education by seeking out other drummers and working through regimented study programs. While complex for his age, Pete embraced several instructional materials as the next steps along his musical journey.

The Rockstar

A couple years later Pete took his experience of playing in school bands and jamming with friends into his audition for an Indy Pop band named, Negative Joe. After beating out 12 other candidates and rehearsing, only twice with the group, Negative Joe showcased their first performance at a reputable local SA venue. With Pete’s family, friends, and a crowd of around 200 in attendance, Pete’s first gig was a successful experience for both himself and the band.  Soon after in 1995, Negative Joe supported The Tea Party at Adelaide Fringe. Pete was only 15 years old.

As his musical success was manifesting, Peter was also offered an apprenticeship from a previous client of his printing business. At 16, Pete left school halfway through the year to accept the position as an Electronics Technician for a small enterprise north of Adelaide.  Pete continued with his music – playing, recording, and performing while attending trade school and excelling in advanced mathematics.

Negative Joe recorded their first LP in 1997, receiving great recognition as they toured to various states around Australia. Like many band projects, Negative Joe’s members leveraged their success individually and eventually sought alternative projects. While Negative Joe dissolved in 2000, this allowed a 16 year old Peter to accept a full time position as an Electronic Technician after only one year of trade school.

Peter Goes All In

Soon after taking the position, Pete was informed of the owner’s intent to sell the company.  He had a choice. Either play it safe and accept a similar position with another company or take a chance and purchase the business in which he had established himself. With the backing of his father, Pete became a business owner at 17. Pete credits this experience as helping foster the entrepreneurial spirit that he has kept to this day.

After re-organising and expanding, Pete elevated the standing of his company and successfully increased his market share by pushing out several long standing competitors in the area. Having made great strides and having many successes, a globally deflating market eventually hit the electronics industry and Pete began selling portions of the business to invested parties.

One Door Closes…

In the months after closing the business, Pete pursued several other avenues to keep an income stream along with being a new comer to entrepreneurship. Pete found success at this time in an outbound call center for one of the worlds largest hotel chains. Rising to the top quite rapidly, he quickly became the team trainer and used his knowledge and experience to help his team increase their sales. Pete took this newfound aptitude for teaching and his passion for drumming to new levels when he decided to start sharing his musical skills and what he had learned with others.

Pete found that students related and responded to his teaching methods and playing style. Between performing for several acts on a regular basis, Pete began instructing as many as 70 students a week in various locations across Adelaide, helping them to discover their talent and foster their imaginations. This was the start of Pete’s desire to educate, still present through his work with his company, ETI_Education Through Inspiration,

Around 2005 Peter left his position at the call centre to pursue an endeavour that combined his knowledge of both electronics and sales. Pete created the commission based role of International Operations Manager for a reputable electronics distributor. Thanks in part to Pete’s successful efforts during his time there; the company is successfully operating at an international level to this day. Pete eventually took a decrease in salary in order to pursue his passion for music. Taking a position (and substantial pay-cut) at a music retail store in CBD, Peter found himself surrounded by the main love of his life – music, musicians, and musical equipment.

A Growing Family

Six months later Peter took his two weeks leave to support his family after the birth of his first son, Keigan. Upon his return, Pete found his hours at the music store cut to unsustainable levels. Peter left the company, realising that he could no longer support his family on the lower income. After several attempts at networking for a new position, Pete found jobs to suit his desires to be scarce. Not one to be discouraged in the face of adversity, Pete took what he saw as drastic measures.

Pete contacted a family who worked for a national logistics company as a forklift operator, and inquired about employment. While being told that he would not last three days, Pete harnessed this opportunity into a five year role that saw great success and achievement inside the company. Seeing that he had exhausted the growth potential of his position there, Pete left to pursue his true passion for drumming and business.

Inspiring Passion

Peter Barter became the founder and CEO of his company, ETI_Education Through Inspiration. Known today as a cutting edge and influential music education organisation, ETI has successfully helped change the lives of thousands of children across Australia as well as being a corporate success.

Touring overseas, particularly Fiji, is an experience that Pete cherishes. There he held workshops and gave one on one lessons in the local villages. He found himself fortunate in building long lasting friendships with amazing people who shared his passion for family and embraced a shared love of music.

Currently Peter continues to work on international projects stretching as far as Austria as well as locally. Pete is continually seeking education, guidance, and inspiration from his musical mentors including; Mark Schulman, Terepai Richmond, Pete Drummond, and Darren Farrugia. He also credits Brad Sugars, Sir Richard Branson, Jeffery Slayter, Robert Kiyosaki (  personal business coach since 2015 ) and Michelle Holland for their inspiration in business. Peter embraces his strong positive values and innovative spirit to help influence and excite students and clients towards making their life path of choice a life passion. Pete aims at creating a legacy by encouraging his students and clients to carry the torch of inspiration forward by discovering and passing their own passion and enthusiasm on to others as he has done.