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Join Australia’s top drumming lessons and unleash your potential under the guidance of renowned instructor Pete Barter.

About Pete Barter

Pete Barter, a renowned figure in drum education, brings over two decades of dedicated experience to the table, making him one of Australia’s premier drum instructors. His unique teaching methods and deep understanding of rhythm and percussion have empowered countless students to achieve excellence. Pete’s commitment to drum education is evident in his personalized approach, ensuring that each lesson is tailored to maximize the student’s potential. Choose Pete for unparalleled drum lessons and experience the rhythm of success.

What Our Students Say

‘Pete Barter’s drum lessons have transformed my playing technique! I’ve gained confidence and skill far beyond what I expected. Highly recommend to anyone looking to elevate their drumming.’ – Emily R.

Emily R.

‘As a parent, seeing my child excited about music is wonderful. Pete’s lessons are not only educational but also incredibly motivating. His passion for drumming is contagious!’ – Mark T.

Mark T.

Explore Our Drum Lessons

Beginner Drumming

Perfect for newcomers, this course covers basic rhythms and techniques to set a solid foundation.

Intermediate Techniques

Enhance your skills with complex patterns and the essentials of drum tuning and maintenance.

Advanced Performance

Master advanced drumming techniques and live performance skills to elevate your musical prowess.

Specialty Workshops

Explore specialized workshops focusing on various genres and unique playing styles.

Unlock Your Rhythm with Pete Barter

Step into the world of drumming and transform your musical skills with Australia’s top drum instructor, Pete Barter. Embrace the motto ‘Play Better – Work Better – Go Build Greatness’ and start your journey towards drumming excellence today. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your rhythm and coordination, all while having a blast learning from the best. Sign up now and let the beats lead the way!