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|Speaker – Thought Leader – Educator – Author – Coach|

Pete’s Companies

 Student Administration Management – Interactive Intelligence
SAMii – an interactive mobile solution that manages the administration and paperwork of a creative education business; helps you to focus on your students and your music; and looks after enrolmentscancellationsschedulingcommunicationreminderspaymentsinvoicing and basic bookkeeping for you.


Music education support

you didn’t know you needed.








Virtual Reality for Bands

and their audiences, Globally.






What if we could perform a Live gig recorded specifically for each and every punter who buys a ticket, while giving them the immersive feeling of being in the room while they perform specifically for them. Sound with CD quality 4K Audio and a mesmerising production. ?
WELL IMAGINE NO MORE. VR360LIVE is where Local becomes Intimate and global.

ETI_Education Through Inspiration
The connective tissue between Wanting to be a musician and being inspired by the greats.
ETI was born to simply serve those who wanted to become musicians and over the years has organically become the reason that many young adults can call themselves professional musicians.


Music education

and events that last forever





Let’s Work Together

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Pete would be more than happy to work with you and your organisation to support in opening the minds of students and educators.  

Pete also runs 1/2 day and full day workshops which will engage ongoing learning.