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is this realy what you need tho?

Over the past 25 years

Pete has conducted more than 60,000 one on one drum lessons. 

With some students working with Pete for almost a decade and doing great things.

 BUT.  is this really the right way forward ?  ………. 

Receitly Pete has been honing in on the core attributes budding drummers need to focus on at specific stages of their ability to bring them through into new levels.

It’s obvious that in order to achieve milestones on the drum set, there needs to be a stable foundation for each drummer to build upon.  but it’s the foundation that is always pushed aside by students because thay can be labeled as ” boring.”  It dosent matter how many hours we work on moving thoes “boring” ( yet challenging )  foundational drumming requirements into something we can build on,

If they are ignored, students will struggle to see any “exciting” improvement in there playing

 Is there new way forward.?  Pete has  devised a plan to move the “boring” into “necessary” to complete the step or “level” bringing GAMIFICATION in to the mix.   

As students move through the clearly laid out levels, they are faced with very specific actions or criteria that must be met , no if’s, or buts.   

Students will be able to self assess their abilities and tick off the requirements before moving into the next level or group. All along the way, students will be notably rewarded for their efforts.

Some students require more motivation than others.  Above all else, Pete will still be here to be the mentor or cheerleader that might be required to move students into the next levels. 


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If you are already having Weekly 1:1 or small group lessons either in school or after hours.  This is the plan for you. 

Your current lesson fee plus $3.33p/w



Master your game

Self guided.  Self assessment with 24/7/365 access to proven methods to get you playing better, sooner. 




level up

This is for the serious contenders with quarterly in person full day or 2 day masterclasses and access to the VIP FB group included in the plugin. 



You get better between the lesson Not at the lesson 




Clear Process = Clear outcomes


Reward and recognition


Weekly progress report with Pete.

Why the change ? 

“Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me.” Erykah Badu



I truly believe that the time is now to evoke change in the way learning is being delivered. It starts and ends with music education.


Self motivated learning is learning that sticks. In a perfect world, the young that are embarking on music education would actively seek further info and content to learn to their fullest potential, but we know in the real world most young learners don’t know where to look or what to look for.  

And on a alternative spectrum in a perfect world, young students would spend 10 to 40 mins per day on the most boring but crucial foundational rudiments.

Pete’s proposed method is a hybrid of the most crucial aspects of learning and hits the sweet spot of productivity.

Tactfully infusing self motivation and self assessment, with a team of cheerleaders and supporters all working to move the student through the steps. As well as promoting fewer and specific steps to achieve greatness on the drum set. 


one step at a time the jurney of a 1000 groves starts with a single paradiddle.

Live video calls

Every week, join in on the live video lesson. Ask questions that get you to the next level.

the sweet spot. .

Tactfully infusing self-motivation and self-assessment, with a team of cheerleaders and supporters all working to move the student through the steps.

what They’re Saying


My son loves his drums and definitely finds learning challenging but your lessons with him over the years have taught him not only how to Play the drums but how to apply himself to so many real life situations musically and every day life. His confidence has soared out of the stratosphere. And now having lessons through the internet on his own drum kit is the next best thing to having lessons face to face and he enjoys these lessons as much as before these strange times. 👍

Steve Kaltapanidis

Pete has been doing a great job teaching my daughter drums. I have seen some great progress over the last 12 months.  He communicates well with the students/parents and has adapted his lessons very quickly in these uncertain times.

Mark Hewitt

I don’t think we should give up something because it’s hard. I want to push through and be a better learner.

The online classes and in person classes have been really fun and educational. I will continue to play drums to improve myself in the future.

Zachary ( Student )

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fees are weekly on going subscription. *Min 5 week commitment