Master your game


with Pete Barter


Why you should do the 5 day challenge

 Here is the low down, !  


Pete will present a challenge to the group every day, live to the Facebook group and it’s up to you to move forward with each challenge.    These 5 challenges will enable you to gain and to continue to grow your drumming skills far beyond the 5 days.   


ITS Free,  It’s at no cost to you AT ALL.   The only cost is not challenging our selves to improve. 




Jump into the FB group where you will see more info leading up to day 1. 

what They’re Saying


My son loves his drums and definitely finds learning challenging but your lessons with him over the years have taught him not only how to Play the drums but how to apply himself to so many real life situations musically and every day life. His confidence has soared out of the stratosphere. And now having lessons through the internet on his own drum kit is the next best thing to having lessons face to face and he enjoys these lessons as much as before these strange times. 👍

Steve Kaltapanidis

Pete has been doing a great job teaching my daughter drums. I have seen some great progress over the last 12 months.  He communicates well with the students/parents and has adapted his lessons very quickly in these uncertain times.

Mark Hewitt

I don’t think we should give up something because it’s hard. I want to push through and be a better learner.

The online classes and in person classes have been really fun and educational. I will continue to play drums to improve myself in the future.