Welcome to what has been the last 5 years of what seems like never-ending work,  with up to 11, local to global developers,  working tirelessly on bringing SAMii to life.. 

Michelle and I have personally invested every spare dollar into the build ( selling our house to inject funds,  as well as a group of investors putting in a bunch of cash also.  

I know full well that this is just the beginning of what will serve as a staple tool for music educators globally to manage their teaching business.   

what you will be seeing is the FIRST draft ( MVP ) that we will continue to improve and streamline as well as grow the features within the platform.   we do know that there are things that could function smoother.  as a first public draft,  we are pretty happy but know that there is a lot more work ahead of us.  

for best results,  stick to desktop,  we will develop the phone interface as we move forward.



Regards. Pete the drum teacher 🥁👍🏻💻 


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