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Although online lessons are different, it is still the same me, sharing tips with you to support you in becoming a better drummer.

See you online.

Pete the drum teacher


A better experience for both of us


Recommended headphones or earbuds. microphones and speakers in phones/tablets or laptops don’t usually cut it.



1st preference, either side of the drumset far enough away so I can see as much of the drumset as possible.

2nd preference in front and up so I can see over the top of the drums and cymbals. Or why not do both ?.  all you’ll need to do is add another device to the group chat. ( just make sure all other devices are muted and the speaker is off )

My son had his first on line drum lesson from home with Pete Barter today. I sat in on the lesson for the first 10min as I’m not that tech savvy and just needed to see if I got the app working properly.  When I pressed on the link provided by Pete it was pretty much an instant connection and the lesson began. It was that quick. Thanks Pete, you saved me a 60min round trip and Jacob enjoyed learning on his own kit.
Great stuff! Cheers.

I thought the online lesson was a new and creative way to learn. I loved how I could still learn while being safe in my house.


The words of Riley…..’it was different but it was awesome that I got to show Pete my drum kit and it was cool that I got to have a drum lesson in my bedroom’.
Thank you for offering this service. With all of Riley’s other activities being cancelled this is the only one he can continue and provides him some relief, and more importantly fun, away  from the overload of scary information that kids are bombarded with at the moment. He can’t wait for next week.