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Below you will find 5 videos plus a BONUS video.

What you will expect to find in the following training videos is an in-depth display of over 25 years of knowledge building, running, streamlining and CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT across a number of industries including my personal favourite, MUSIC EDUCATION Businesses.

Watch the FREE Training videos if you…

Want better branding

Branding is without a doubt one of, if not the, main pillar of success when it comes to showing your business to the world.


More Engagement

Simple but effective strategies that will underpin your communication strategies to allow for a more connected conversations

Like being paid

Being paid for your incredible skills is not a dumb idea. Explore new ways of receiving fees from your customers 

IF you are one of the below then keep looking for the perfect unicorn music business angel.

Go away if...

You are a hobbyist and charge little or nothing for your services.

Go away if...

You aren’t interested in implementing new Technology and strategies.


Go away if...

You are a slow mover that thinks it will all work out eventually.


Go away if...

You’re afraid of  learning something new and doing the work required


Hours of proven methods and business strategies that will streamline and build your EMPIRE

Pete Barter is an absolute legend, dedicated to providing quality inspiration for all the folks of ETI_ Music.

Terepai Richmond

Drummer for JBT, Guy Sebastion, Pete Murray

Pete delivers the dream combination of practical education and true inspiration. As a father, university-level teacher and professional drummer for most of my life, the level of musicianship and raw excitement about music I witnessed in these students is unprecedented

Mark Schulman

Drummer for Pink. Billy Idol. Simple Minds

Pete Barter is the Renaissance Man of our time, a great talent that can do a multitude of things. I’m a fan of his work and a friend. Congrats Pete… Stay Humble 

Dre' Energy


Years of Teaching

Music Ed Mentoring sessions

1:1 private music lessons


There is more info after the last video.






An offer to you for us to work together.  I need to give you the heads up that this is not a sneaky sales tactic that hits you by surprise at the end of the video series.  Although the content in the videos is epic learning for you and FULL of my 25 years of doing this stuff, it will by no means all fit into your business perfectly. I will offer you the opportunity for us to work together on your business, If we are the right fit, working with you to Implement all the relevant processes for you to build your thing.  


There is only so much I can share in pre-recorded videos. Working with you ONE on ONE would allow us to implement specific elements into your business specific to you and your needs.  Limited spaces,  There is only one of me. 


Previous work, appearances, and collaborations

For Pete’s sake.

Just Get on with it !.